Lower Island Equestrian Club

“Promoting junior and amateur involvement in dressage and other horse activities”

RIDE TIMES for the upcoming August 14, 2022, HCBC Schooling Show are available here

FINAL RESULTS for the September 25, 2022, LIEC HCBC Schooling show are available here

RSVP REQUESTED If you will be attending the LIEC annual general meeting on November 20, 2022 at the Saanich Fairgrounds, please send an RSVP email to lowerislandec@gmail.com no later than November 13. Please let us know who is coming and whether they are members or non-members. We need to know how many are coming to provide a count to the caterers.


The Annual General Meeting of the Lower Island Equestrian Club will take place at 1:30 PM Sunday November 20, 2022 at the Art Gallery at the Saanich Fairgrounds. There will be a Social Lunch served before the meeting. The Lunch and Meeting are free for all members; non-members will be charged $10.00.

The Year End Awards Ceremony will follow the meeting.


The Board of Directors will present a Resolution to request the Registrar of Companies to dissolve the LIEC. There will also be a supporting resolution empowering the 2022 Board of Directors to continue to act in order to wind up the affairs of LIEC in order to complete the dissolution.


If the members decide not to dissolve LIEC, there will need to be an election for a new board and officers. At this time, none of the existing officers or directors intend to seek re-election. NOMINATIONS FOR ALL POSITIONS MUST BE SENT TO EITHER THE PRESIDENT OR THE SECRETARY NO LATER THAN NOVEMBER 13, 2022. Any individual may nominate themselves.

LIEC Agenda

Resolution re Dissolution of LIEC

Supporting Resolution re Dissolution of LIEC


The following member ridden horse/rider combinations will be recognized for their achievements on November 20th. Awards are based on scores over 60% from two different judges.

  • Rosalie Richards and Butterscotch Candy
  • Rosalie Richards and Zorro
  • Imogen Hawes and Knights Cavallo Dolce
  • Emily Browne and Perfect Image
  • Kim Vis and Lonnie
  • Josie Iacarella and Lincoln
  • Jennifer Barnes van Elk and Hold My Beer
  • Caroline Alexander and Finesse
  • Caroline Alexander and Kira
  • Robin Valentine and Olympia
  • Judy Tsimon and Hendrix
  • Lisette de Rooy and Oracula
  • Melanie Houston and Ysabela
  • Zach Nance and Francisco KA
  • Zach Nance and Don Deluxe LS